Multi-crew cooperation (MCC) SERVICES

AVIET EASA 145 aircraft line maintenance organization provides continuing airworthiness management organization EASA part M contracted services, which consist of AVIET's own MCC.

Other services performed by our MCC are

Our Maintenance Control Center is staffed with Part M trained planners and EASA-certified Aircraft Maintenance Technicians to ensure optimal performance of maintenance throughout our locations. Aviet EASA 145 aircraft line maintenance organization Maintenance Control Center maintenance management, Performs planning, and scheduling using different systems. Our team can plan the tasks with optimal usage of aircraft ground time in cooperation with our Aviet EASA 145 aircraft line maintenance organization that will carry out the needed maintenance, by securing maximum efficiency of ground time. The MCC is the focal point responsible for the maintenance of an accurate overview of all related operations. At the same time, our MCC staff maintains a high level of customer service as a standard part of EASA, as this is AVIET Technics’ brand promise.

Other Services Performed by our mCC are