Customer Satisfaction

Aviet EASA 145 aircraft line maintenance organization to ensure that the maintenance personnel are well-trained and competent in their respective fields, regular trains and develops programs that are implemented to keep them up to date with the latest technologies and practices in the industry. 

Aviet EASA 145 aircraft line maintenance organization in addition is always maintaining open and transparent communication with customers and addressing their concerns and issues in a timely and effective manner can help build trust and confidence in Aviet EASA 145 aircraft line maintenance organization and enhance customer satisfaction.

Customer Oriented

Aviet to ensure customer orientation and satisfaction of its EASA 145-line maintenance organization, it takes in consideration the importance having a comprehensive maintenance organization exposition (MOE) that outlines the policies, procedures, and processes for the organization. 

A customer service policy that outlines Aviet commitment to providing high-quality and cost-effective maintenance services to its customers.

Engineers and Core leading team

AVIET Technic has top experienced engineers with over 40 years of combined working experience in aviation industry. Aviet Technic EASA 145 is constantly investing on its human resources as believing that our engineers are in asset. Aviet EASA 145 aircraft line maintenance organization Personnel have the working knowledge of Part-145.

Are responsible for establishing and controlling the competence of any maintenance, airworthiness review, assured by our highest standard quality audits in accordance with a procedure and to the standard agreed by the competent authorities.

Welcome To Aviet EASA 145 aircraft line maintenance organization

Welcome to AVIET Technic , the premier provider of professional aviation maintenance training and examination solutions. As an EASA approved maintenance training and examination organization (MT 145) authorized by the Maltese Civil Aviation Directorate, AVIET Technic has established itself as a trusted and recognized institution in the industry. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we deliver exceptional training and set the highest standards for quality and innovation.

Aviet EASA 145 aircraft line maintenance organization

AVIET Technic was established in January 2017 and provides comprehensive training programs for individuals seeking to pursue a fulfilling career or enhance their skills in aviation maintenance. Their training options are diverse and include B1/B2 courses, 145 programs, and more. They are committed to delivering high-quality and cost-effective training programs that meet the needs of their students and prepare them for success in the aviation industry.